We have several specialists performing surgery in Waukon.  Our general surgeons perform many procedures such as hysterectomies, breast biopsies, mastectomies, hernia repairs, colon resections, colonoscopies, gastroscopies, and laproscopic gallbladder and appendectomy surgeries, to name a few.

Many other specialists visit our facility throughout each month to perform the following specialty surgeries: the Ophthamologist performs cataract surgeries; the Ear Nose and Throat specialist performs ear tubes, tonsillectomies and other related procedures; the Orthopedic Surgeons perform total knee and hip replacements, carpal tunnel, knee arthroscopies, cyst removal, hand procedures, and repairs broken bones; and we have a Urologist performing surgeries in Waukon as well. 

For more information, please call our Surgery Department at 568-3411.

Veterans Memorial Hospital


40 First St SE

Waukon, IA  52172

Veterans Memorial Hospital is a critical access hospital located in Waukon, a rural community in the very northeast corner of Iowa.