When a baby is born everyone is so excited.  All of your family and friends want to visit as soon as possible to see this new little person that has taken nine long months to make an entrance. What we do need to remember, however, is that along  with this new addition to the family comes fatigue and loss of sleep from a long labor, questions on how to feed and take care of this precious little baby and how to continue to care for them at home  after being discharged from the hospital.

The usual hospital stay after a delivery is 48 hours. This is not a great amount of time to catch up on rest, learn how to care for a new baby and to complete the mounds of paper work that needs to be done before you take your baby home.  That is why we ask the community to follow the visiting hours at VeteransMemorialHospital.

Visiting hours in the OB department are from 2:00 to 8:00 PM daily.  All visitors are welcome but ONLY during these hours. (Ex: new baby’s aunts, uncles and friends, etc.)

At all other times of the day the entrance door to the OB department will be locked to assure the safety and security of our patients and to be aware of the flow of people in and out of the department.  During locked hours the new baby’s father, grandparents, brothers and sisters are the only people allowed to visit.  They will use an access code specifically for them to enter the department.

When babies are born they have an immature immune system.  We want to give them a healthy start in life.  We ask that during this influenza and H1N1 season, if you have any flu or cold symptoms please take care of yourself.  Call and congratulate the new parents over the phone and visit the new baby and parents later at home, when you are feeling better.

For more information on VMH Maternity Services, please call us at 563-568-3411 and ask for an OB Manager.


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