Mission Statement


 is to support health care services to enhance the health and well being of individuals in Allamakee County, Iowa and the surrounding area.


Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation (VMHCF) was formed in 1982. The initial board was made up of seven members and has more than doubled since then. Since 2004, VMHCF helped provide over $725,000 of support to healthcare in Allamakee County. Click on the link to see the support and purchases the VMHCF has provided to the hospital through donations.

Memorials in Memory of your Loved One

• Veterans Memorial Heath Care Foundation graciously accepts memorials in memory of your loved ones.

• Memorials will be used to support healthcare in the local surrounding area.

• VMHCF sends a thank you to the donor of the gift.

• VMHCF will notify the family of the Memorial including addresses.

• VMHCF is a 501(C)(3) under the Internal Revenue Service.  Your donations and

memorials are tax deductible from federal income tax.  Please see your tax advisor

on any questions on this matter.

Thank you for your generous support of Veterans Memorial Healthcare Foundation.


Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation welcomes you to make your electronic donations online through PayPal!

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Veterans Memorial Hospital


40 First St SE

Waukon, IA  52172

Veterans Memorial Hospital is a critical access hospital located in Waukon, a rural community in the very northeast corner of Iowa.