The following memorials were received by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation:


in memory of Dale Rademaker by Ann Rademaker,

in memory of John Wilkes by Eric and Stephanie Palmer 

in memory of R. Neal Downing by Dave and Gail Prestemon and Bob and Marilyn Bulman.

A donation was received from the Alice Hermeier Foundation by Dr. Richard Hermeier.

in memory of Curt Brandsmeier by Randy and Karen Loeb, Jeff Moe, Dan and Sue Schlitter, Jerry and Linda Siegrist, Cyril and Shirley Larkin, Bob and Karen Fossum and Mae Jean Bakke

in memory of Faith Ericson by Eric ad Stephanie Palmer 

in memory of Loretta Snitker by Greg and Jan Gordon and Kay Carter

in memory of Maloy Johanningmeier by Tom and Sheila Neuhaus

A donation was made to the Foundation in honor of Bob and Sherri Erickson’s 50th Wedding Anniversary by Jane Dietrich. 

in memory of Donald Sherman by Marv and Marge Strike, Jim and Linda Ryan, Rick and Cathy Larson, Dave and Laurie Martin, Randy and Karen Loeb, Jane Dietrich, Carol Krumme, Don and DiAnne Haler, Virgil and Debbie Thorstenson, Jerry and Linda Siegrist, Marian Smedsrud, Marilyn Bulman, Kay Carter, Mae Jean Bakke, Charlotte Reeder, Dan and Sue Schlitter, Marlys Leiran, Mary Ann Hager, Ruby Schoh, John and Sheryl Prestemon, Ernie and Donnalee Osland, Dennis and Sandy Deal, John and Lorna Kerndt, Dean and Juanita Thorstenson and family and friends of Donald “Don” Sherman

in memory Dave Breitsprecher by Ron and Nancy Adam

in memory of Noraline Lamborn by Tom and Karen Regan and Mae Jean Bakke

in memory of Mary Cavanagh by Classic Design

in memory of Dick Spinner by Al and Jeanne Stein

in memory of Josephine “Josie” Onsager by Mae Jean Bakke

in memory of Ramona Ward by Marv and Marge Strike, Jackie Westby and Jane Dietrich

in memory of Janann Miene by Alice Schlacke, Robert and Judy Iseli and Gary and Lollie Hirth.

in memory of Richard “Dick” Huinker by Larry and Nancy Straate.

in memory of Wayne King by Carol Krumme.

in memory of Raymond Bloem by Fred and Geralyn Smith.

in memory of Duane Brandt by the Duane Brandt Family.

in memory of William “Bill” Collins by Orrin and Nan Grangaard and Jean Huffey.

in memory of Duane Duvel by Fred and Geralyn Smith, Marlene Habhab, Mary Ann Hager, and Mae Jean Bakke.

in memory of Rita Votsmier by Dave and Laurie Martin, Dennis and Sandy Deal, Tom and Karen Regan, Vernis Haberichter, David and Suzanne Hahn, Jerry and Malinda Berns, Kate Wooden, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Dave and Rita Newton, Jim and Linda Ryan, Meg Schaller, Orrin and Nan Grangaard, Frank and Carol Sivesind, Jack and Denise Hager, Scott and Cheryl Livingston, Gary and Toni Kolsrud, Brian and Mandy O’Neill, Grace Murphy, Jane Tepesch, Jane Dietrich, Mike and Julie Snitker, Bob and Joyce Schorg, Wendy Bucheit, Gladwin and Darlene Anderson, Joan Bieber, Vincent Haas and family and friends of Rita Votsmier

in memory of Lavone “Bonnie” Johnson by Rick and Cathy Larson, John and Lorna Kerndt, Sr., Mae Jean Bakke, Betty White and Jerry and Linda Siegrist

in memory of Wanda Anderson by Pat Pettingill, Carl and Betty Christianson, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Dan and Traci Byrnes, Don and DiAnne Haler, Kate Wooden, Meg Schaller, Jim and Patty Clarke, Brian and Karen Burke, Jane Dietrich, Nancy Schoh, Al and Jeanne Stein and Rick and  Cathy Larson

in memory of Joe O’Neill by Pat Pettingill, Ardys Kuhse, Dr. Arlen and Karlene Wonderlich, Dan and Traci Byrnes, Jeff Moe and Don and DiAnne Haler

in memory of Virgil Herman by Ernie and Donnalee Osland, Carol Moe, Jerry and Linda Siegrist, Randy and Lori Hesse, Russ and Mary Jo Meyer and Lillian Larson

A donation in honor of the Rossville Presbyterian Church was also received by Nickolas and Lori Rissman, Olivia and Cart

in memory of Lillian Christianson by Jim and Ele Klenske, Jane Dietrich, Bob and Linda Thompson, Sigurd and Barb Ness, Marcella Selberg, Carol Moe, Mae Jean Bakke, Marlys Leiran, Ernie and Donnalee Osland and the Allamakee County Food Shelf.

in memory of Tony Schulte by Tom and Joan Fritz, in memory of Leonard Heiderscheit by Dr. Bill and Libby Withers, and in memory of Lucille Halverson by Patsy Kerndt, Richard and Annabelle Marti and the family of Lucille Halverson.

A donation was received from Marlene “Mickey” Cook.

in memory of Dale Rademaker by Bill and Sue Blagsvedt, Marv and Marge Strike,  Ben and Charlie Peiffer, JoAnn Peake, United Fire Group,  Duane and Sue Vorseth, Sue Kratz, Betty White, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Orrin and Nan Grangaard,  Bill and Beth Shafer, Lesa Moose, Joel and Teresa Sommer, Key Sewick, Norb and Nola Palmer, Wayne and Nona Sawyer, Audrey Angel, Marlys Leiran, Jerry and Linda Siegrist, George Pickett and Tom Moran

in memory Janet Reinhardt by Mae Jean Bakke and Bill Reinhardt

in memory of Deb Tweedy by Carol Paus, Jeff and Janet Jannsen, Marv and Marge Strike, Bill and Sue Blagsvedt, Randy and Patty Nordheim, RW Pladsen, Inc., John and Mary Stavnes, Bob and Julie Rotach, Dan and Traci Byrnes, Dan Lyons, Wayne and Nona Sawyer, Regi and Denise Tysland, Cy and Mona Nelson, Classic Design/Julie Snitker, Mike and Becky Kramer, Jean Huffey, George Pickett, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Ken and Rose Beardmore, Ken and Jill Lampman, Dennis and Linda DeBuhr, Dr. Arlen and Karlene Wonderlich, Brian and Denise Wullner, Mike and Michaela Shupe, Jeff and Amy Sommer, Pat and Darlene Schlarmann, Russ and Mary Jo Meyer, Walter and Lorraine Teslow, Dave and Brenda Dougherty, Sue Kratz, Frank and Carol Sivesind, Marlys Leiran, Chuck and Marcy Fritz, Dave and Sandy Lyons, Dennis and Sherri Lyons, Joel and Teresa Sommer, Eric and Stephanie Palmer, M.K. Anderson, Pat Pettingill, Carl and Betty Christianson, Oelwein High School Class of 1971 and family and friends of Deb Tweedy

in memory of Ryan Schulte by Mary Axmear, Gary and Joan David, Richard Hermeier, Systems Equipment Corporation, Brian and Karen Burke, Bill and Linda Halvorson, Mary Ann Hager, Frances Fahey, John and Lorna Kerndt, Kent and Donna Schultz, Reg and Nicole Schulte and Pat and Debbie McGeough

in memory of Burnell Sorum by Gayle Larkin, Bob and Judy Iseli, and Nyles and Ruby Herman

in memory of Steve Smith by Maury and Lorraine Gallagher

in memory of Aloysius “Lloyd” Welsh by Kristin Cote, Eric and Stephanie Palmer and Brad and Erin Berns

in memory of Tennis and Diane Foels by family and friends of Tennis and Diane Foels

in memory of Virginia Anderson by Doug Anderson

in memory of Elizabeth “Betty” Hogan by Joan and Romandus Gisleson

in memory of Robert Stock by Kent and Donna Schultz, Marv and Marge Strike, Michael and Jane Walker, Dave and Laurie Martin, Erik and Janelle Helgerson, Steve and Jana Scholl, Kaye Anderson, Dr. Bill and Libby Withers, George Pickett, Dean and Lynn Sorenson, Steve and Becky Welper, Ardie Kuhse, John and Sheryl Prestemon, Orrin and Nan Grangaard, Roger and Jeanette Ruegnitz, Ron and Nancy Brandt, Rick and  Cathy Larson, Marlys Leiran, Marcella Selberg, Joel and Teresa Sommer, Jane Dietrich, Eric and Stephanie Palmer, Dennis and Joan Behr and Irene Stock

in memory of Claude Schafer by Dave and Laurie Martin, Patsy Kerndt and the family of Claude Schafer

in memory of Charles Hall by Eric and Stephanie Palmer

in memory of Tennis and Diane Foels by family and friends of Tennis and Diane Foels

in memory of Shirleen “Sam” Rosendahl by Carol Moe

in memory of James Connor by Dennis and Sherri Lyons and Dan and Traci Byrnes

in memory of Daniel Klees by Janice Shogren

in memory of Joe Jenkins by Dr. Arlen and Karlene Wonderlich, Don and Donelle Sherman, Mae Jean Bakke, Ray and Mary Ann Burke, Mary Fink and family and friends of Joe Jenkins

a grant fund was received by the Allamakee Community Foundation for new “Annies” for CPR training in the hospital’s service area.  

in memory of Thomas Howe by Delora and Monte Dundee, Joyce Kuhse and Gayle Larkin

in memory of John Herman by Lillian Larson

in memory of Pastor Lynn Groe by Dr. Arlen and Karlene Wonderlich

in memory of Ralph and Joann Welch by Bill and Sue Blagsvedt

in memory of Mitch Einck by Bill and Sue Blagsvedt

a donation was received in honor of Wayne and Nona Sawyer’s 60th Wedding Anniversary by Dennis and Sandy Deal

A donation to the Foundation was also received by Skip and Heidi Loebig

in memory of Lois Wiedenmann by Pat and Donna Bresnahan, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Jean Huffey, Wayne and Mary Lou Leidahl, Nyles and Ruby Herman, Dean “Beanzy” Shellhammer, Patsy Kerndt, Harold and Shirley Marti, Gayle Larkin, Lois Evans and Dave and Laurie Martin

in memory of Joel Kuhse by Delora and Monte Dundee and Dennis and Nancy Turner

in memory of Daniel Donovan by Joe and Patti Wild Strobel

in memory of Milton Turner by Jim and Bev Larson-Needham, Darren and Rebecca West, Delora and Monte Dundee, Darren and Rebecca West and Roger and Janet Kuhse

in memory John Herman by Steve and Maureen Thode

in memory of Gene Knox by Robert J. and Irene Stock, Marilyn Bulman and family and friends of Gene Knox

in memory of Dorthea Horsfall by Rodney and Evonne Bloxham

In memory of Maloy Johanningmeier by Lesa Moose, Joyce Kuhse, Rita Kern, Kay Carter, Ray and Lorraine Mitchell, Gayle Larkin and Dave and Laurie Martin

In memory of Mary Jo Oden by Carl and Betty Christianson, Carole Krumme, Dave and Sandy Lyons, George Pickett and Chuck and Lois Votsmier

In memory of Randy Sweeney by Rick and Cathy Larson, Bob and Marilyn Bulman, Gordy’s Auto Body & Salvage, Fred and Lisa Mathews, Randy and Lori Hesse, Dan and Traci Byrnes, Ardie Kuhse, Dave and Gail Prestemon, Dave and Sandy Lyons, Don and Diane Haler, Mary Ann Hager, Chuck and Lois Votsmier, Jane Dietrich, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Brad and Erin Berns and family and friends of Randy Sweeney

in memory of Brent Smith by Jerry and Linda Siegrist, Dennis and Sandy Deal, Lesa Moose, Joyce Kuhse, Rita Kern, Kay Carter, Ray and Lorraine Mitchell and Gayle Larking

in memory of Bill Schneeberger by Terry and Diane Oesterle, Leslie and Ada Mare Kerndt, Jr., Gene and Betty May, Dave and Gail Prestemon, Elsa Hager, Ralph and Leonora Standford, Joe and Mary Cunningham, Marilyn Bulman, Don and DiAnne Haler, Jean Huffey, Robert J. and Irene Stock, Jane Regan, Arlene Martin, Dianne Wolfe, Dr. David and Suzanne Hahn, Gwenn Bray, Ruby Schoh, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Nancy Straate, Nyles and Ruby Herman, John and Sheryl Prestemon, Jane Dietrich, Patsy Kerndt, Don and Donelle Sherman, Joan Bieber, Dave and Laurie Martin and Carl and Betty Christianson

in memory of Darlene Heins by Nyles and Ruby Herman.

in memory of Vernon Shogren by Arlen and Karlene Wonderlich, Randy and Lori Hesse, Ernie and Donnalee Osland, Ken and Gloria Krambeer, John and Lorna Kerndt, Orrin and Nan Grangaard, Jane Dietrich, Dorothy Sandry and Russ and Mary Jo Meyer

in memory of Maloy Johanningmeier by Dave and Laurie Martin

in memory of Don Breitsprecher by Jackie Westby

in memory of Joan Lyons by Jerry and Linda Siegrist, Jack and Sally Hagensick, Susan Kratz, Larry and Nancy Straate, Jim and Jill Kiesau, Ardys Kuhse, Joan Bieber, Bernard Welsh, Jim and Eli Klenske, Pat Pettingill, and Dennis and Sandy Deal


Memorials are greatly appreciated by the Veterans Memorial Health Care Foundation. The Foundation is a 501C3 organization. All donations to the Foundation are tax deductible. Memorials and donations can be sent to 40 First Street SE, Waukon, IA 52172.

Veterans Memorial Hospital


40 First St SE

Waukon, IA  52172

Veterans Memorial Hospital is a critical access hospital located in Waukon, a rural community in the very northeast corner of Iowa.